Instrumental, Cinematic, Post-Metal

Dumbsaint is a filmmaking instrumental rock band from Sydney, Australia made up by Nick Andrews (drums), James Thomas (bass), Mike Tokar and myself (guitars). I joined the band shortly before the release of "Panorama, in ten pieces." in July 2015.

Unlike other bands who might project visuals as a backdrop, one of the aims of Dumbsaint is to blur the boundaries between the different art forms, and to use the live music stage to explore dynamic and sometimes surprising interactions between sound and image. Featuring film work that is written, shot and edited entirely by the band itself, we perform live in total synchronisation to our filmic "fifth member".

Distributed by Sydney-based independent record label Bird’s Robe Records, Dumbsaint has released two studio-recorded full-length albums, one studio-recorded single, a trilogy of independently-recorded EPs and three DVDs since forming as a band in 2009.

To the left you can find a collection of materials recorded since I've been involved.

More detailed information and full audio-visual experiences can be found at http://dumbsaint.net

Live Performance Examples

Live at Dunk! Festival, Zottegem Belgium, 2017

Live at Cobrafest, Buchuresti, 2017

Live at The Factory Floor, Sydney, 2016

Another Scene (Nov, 2017)

Written and performed by Dumbsaint

Guitars and bass recorded by Brendan Sloan at Top End Sound Studios, Sydenham NSW AU. Drums recorded by Brendan Sloan at Adversary Studios, St Peters NSW AU, assisted by Dylan Mitrovich.

Mixed and Mastered by Brendan Sloan at Nambucca Place

Panorama, in ten pieces. (July, 2015)

Written and performed by Michael Tokar, James Thomas and Nicholas Andrews. Additional guitars by Brendan Sloan.

Produced by Dax Liniere
Mixed by Dax Liniere at Puzzle Factory Sound Studio
Assisted by Myles Wrigley and Matthew Whelan
Mastered by Sean Diggins at Digital Diggo