Mix Portfolio

It's important that the music you make sounds good; that the layers are stacked properly and the listening experience is consistently enjoyable even if the content is deliberately abrasive or harsh. More than that, it's important that the songs are served by the production of the recording.

This is the part I enjoy the most about sound, and is the thing I'll spend the rest of my life doing. Putting weird, digitised wobbly air into the right order so that people can listen to it and enjoy it.

To date, most of the mix work I've done has been for my own projects. Despite this. there are a diverse range of sounds to be found and all of them are in the service of the songs. I'm passionate about all music, not just extreme metal, and this injects itself into how I treat everything I do.

If you have a project you'd like to work with me on, get in touch below. I'd love to hear from you.

BUCKO - crushing/crushed (2020)

Hannah Fairlamb - Songs, Co-Production, Co-Mixing

Mixed and Mastered for Digital and 12" Vinyl by Brendan Sloan at Overland

Convulsing - All releases 2016 - Present

Written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Brendan Sloan at Nambucca Place.

Dumbsaint - Another Scene (2017)

Written and performed by Dumbsaint

Guitars and bass recorded by Brendan Sloan at Top End Sound Studios, Sydenham NSW AU. Drums recorded by Brendan Sloan at Adversary Studios, St Peters NSW AU, assisted by Dylan Mitrovich.

Mixed and Mastered by Brendan Sloan at Nambucca Place