Audio for Video, and the big screen

I'm very much of the opinion that the sound of a film frequently carries more weight than the actual cinematography. If you don't hear what your eyes are telling you to expect, the immersion is broken and the experience of the art suffers. It's absolutely critical that the dialogue post-production, ambience, foley, music cues etc. are all perfectly implemented.

To date, I've only worked on a few projects here and there, but two that required a great deal of effort and care were the sessions for Green River parts 1 and 2. I participated in almost all aspects of the audio production; including some location recording work. It was then mixed and edited back and forth with the director of a period of five or six weeks, with careful adjustments made throughout to maximise cinematographic impact.

Green River has since been shortlisted by a number of film festivals, and you can watch Part 2 in its entirity on this page.

I would love the opportunity to work more in this domain, so if you enjoy what you hear, get in touch!

Green River 1 & 2 (TheSaddestMan)


Above: snapshot of the dialogue edit for Green River Part 1 and 2.